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My Growth Path

Step 1

Login Creation
Institute registration (Free)
Initiate NBA, NAAC, ARIIA performance index improvement.
Connect with industry, Build USP, Attract quality admissions !

Step 2 (Minimum 2 Weeks)

Diagnostic Intervention
Define key priorities and institutional goals.
Update your profile & institutional priorities.
Let us know what are your priority needs, and challenges. Let us suggest you services, products and solutions matching with your needs.

Step 3 (Minimum 4 Weeks) 

Complementary Induction Program
Enable first year graduate students to know industry expectations.
Initiate interface with industry. Sign MOU with leading industry chambers.
Add value to your institute by enabling your first year students to access complementry induction program. Let the parents know your institutes "industry interface initiative".

Step 4 (Minimum 8 Weeks) 

Discounted BSPP Program
Strengthen your industry connect.
Faculty capacity building and Industry connect for students.
Connect with industry. Get access to industry needs and challenges. Link with industry mentors. Empower your students to relate theory with industry requirements.

Step 5 (Minimum 24 Weeks) 

Industry Readiness & Employability Skills
Internship, Projects and Consultancy opportunities 
Enable faculty and student to work on solving real industry problems. 
Guided Mentoring for students and faculty from industry experts. Offer industry initiated programs as open electives for your students. 

Step 6 (Minimum 24 Weeks) 

Share and Encash your resources.
Opportunity to generate revenue from institutional resources.
Mobilize your intellectual, infrastructure and equipment resources.
Let your instruments, infrastructure generate additional revenue for you. Access other resources to save cost and time.  

Step 7 (Phase Wise 6 - 48 Weeks) 

Innovation and  Incubation
Initiate Start-Up and Entrepreneurship ready campus.
Incubation Management and Technology Commercialization.
Establish process and policy driven incubation centre on the premises of your institutes. Let the good projects and technology developed on your campus earn revenue and pride for the institute.
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