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My Growth Path

Step 1

Login Creation
Mentor registration (Free)
Identify matching consultancy options.
Find opportunities for additional revenue generation.

Step 2 (Minimum 2 Weeks)

Diagnostic Intervention
Define key priorities and goals.
Update your profile & goals.
Let us know what are your priority needs, and challenges. Let us suggest services, products and solutions matching with your needs.

Step 3 (Minimum 4 Weeks) 

Mentor Induction
Qualify as certified empanneled mentor.
Qualify to access and respond to opportunities posted by Industry.
Offer your services as consultant to industry or as adjunct faculty for the institute.

Step 4 (Minimum 8 Weeks) 

Offer Skill Programs
Earn from Skilling, Re-Skilling, Up-Skilling Programs. 
Offer training services to industry, or open electives for the university.
Connect with industry. Get access to industry needs and challenges. Pakage your knowledge into training programs for industry and Institutes.

Step 5 (Minimum 24 Weeks) 

Offer Consultancy
Encash your knowledge and skill.
Access real industry problems. 
Get paid for your experience, and quality advice to solve industry problems. Offer guided Mentoring for students and faculty of institutes. 

Step 6 (Minimum 24 Weeks) 

Share and Encash Your Resources.
Generate revenue from your idle resources.
Mobilize your intellectual, infrastructure and equipment resources.
Let your instruments, infrastructure generate additional revenue for you. Access other resources to save cost and time.  

Step 7 (Phase Wise 6 - 48 Weeks) 

 Start-Up Ignition
Commertialise your innovation.
Transform your Idea into a successful business venture.
Access mentoring support to validate a business idea. Qualify for seed funs/venture funds. Connect with incubator and investor network.
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