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Create the need : a smart entrepreneur

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Gone are the days when products were manufactured according what a company wanted to offer. The revolution came when 'Need creation' became a huge part of the marketing.

A decade ago, was there any trend for home deliveries? Only essentials.

What made the change a constant thing?

The power of identifying the unnoticed need or reviving the obsolete made it large. One best example is 'Yulu.'

How many of us thought of having cycle back as a go vehicle?

Having a luxury bike or a car was the goal & it still is, but a need was created by our budding entrepreneurs encouraging the need for fitness and saving the fuel.

Ever visited IIT Mumbai campus?

Well, you can rent a yulu for traveling in such a huge campus. Saves time & money. The mechanism works on renting it for a certain period of time from the desired location. Much cheaper than having an auto for the ride.

How Yulu made it large?

Traffic congestion, deteriorating air quality inspired the Yulu vision. Targeting the metro cities was a successful strategy. Yulu's bikes are electric two wheelers powered by IOT technology being one of the best smart lock enabled bicycle.

Co-founder Amit Gupta recently talked about the condition of metro cites in respect with the traffic & congestion worked well for the startup.

Its presence in Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, is the result of excellent IOT, AI & Machine learning. Yulu being ne of the smartest idea for a company to create its own demand-supply management and getting successful day by day through its hired personnel & efficient operations.

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