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  • Munmun Bhatt

Employability Skills: The Skills You Need

A thin crisp line describes the difference between being “eligible” and “skilled.” In this racing 21st century, degrees, papers, and qualification documents have taken a toll on the human mind and capabilities. Today, an aspirant is measured based on the thick degrees he or she carries. The time when many personalities and proficient people have cleared that “skill” matters, many still give weightage to the qualification. The fact abends that education is undeniably important, however, it’s the skill that keeps you going.

Today in this blog, let’s unveil the importance of employability skills in the eyes of the industry and the skills that make one stand apart from the crowd.

Skills and the Industry’s Take On It

The skills we have been talking about are commonly known as “employability skills.” Firms today prefer smart employees over the ones working hard. They prefer employees with soft skills that can notch up their business process. These skills could be related to a candidate's domain, communication, teamwork, or could be sheerly technical. Such employees are highly targeted by the big shot firms and SMBs because of their high productivity and increased acumen. Even when industries recruit, they seek the benefit of the candidate and themselves. By hiring a “skilled” employee, they end up adding an asset to their collection - an asset that is impeccably ready to understand the nature of their industry knows decision making, and most importantly, understands the customer base. With new and evolving technologies, changing customer expectations, and an increasing number of competitors offering the same product or service with their twist, employees must know and be able to do more than ever before. For the same reason, many industries target specialties and employ personnel to can directly impact their bottom line.

Skills Industries are Talking About

Once upon a time, it took many years for people to receive promotions at their jobs. The pace of business today is much faster, and employees expect to be appreciated and advance within their organizations. As a result, employers seek workers who are capable of doing the job today while keeping in mind the job they might do in the future. Those skills are always in demand. There are also new skills designed for the modern business environment, which seems to change constantly. For a long, we have been talking about employability skills. But the question is, what are these skills exactly? These skills could be:

  • Problem Solving

  • Teamwork

  • Conflict resolution

  • Adaptability

  • Negotiation

  • People management

The presence of these skills in a candidate/employee guarantees a strong personality. Today, many institutes and mentors emphasize grasping and developing such skills. They know that such skills do not come in handy in a notebook, google, or through any other source. One can gather these skills through practical exposure, failures, and being street smart - quite naive, but true.

From a student’s point of view, when a candidate visions himself in a position of “n” number of years, skills are the only foundation that can give all the aspirations a boost. The presence of these skills highly impacts the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur or a professional. Let’s take negotiation as an example. A budding entrepreneur may need accurate knowledge when planning our sales. Dealing with the vendors, and defining the pricing of the product. Negotiation being one of the closely associated skills would immediately help the entrepreneur.


All of us are talking about “employability skills” but no one’s talking about how to work on them! Start with getting the right mentorship or guidance. Finding support can make learning much easier. So, seek guidance from people who are an expert in the domain. Example: If you aim to notch up or learn a skill, attaining lessons or moreover experiential coaching from the right mentor can give you the right direction.

Innoeversity has been doing these for over a decade. We understand all the dynamics of the market and industry from all perspectives. Through our refined eco-system, we bring all the stakeholders together and when they come together, they mutually benefit each other. In such a case, a student or a graduate and a mentor can work together and fulfill the needs of the industry that is seeking skilled professionals.

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