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Jugaad Innovation: A need for Developing India?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Jugaad is nothing but set of frugal solutions that address the needs rather than the desires of the masses.

Jugaad is generally considered as a poor man’s approach to problem-solving. But is this the true definition of Jugaad, are we limiting the use and application of this word by saying so? Read to find out!

Market conditions everywhere are fluid, complex, fast and volatile. In such conditions, we see many with new and brilliant ideas come up but, what differentiates them is Innovation. With these constant changes, it is important to have a new model of Innovation that focuses on affordability and inclusive growth that lifts the people from the bottom. In a developing country like India, we need Innovations that focus on the poor and their essential needs rather than the desires of the rich.

The new innovation model required is nothing but Jugaad Innovation. There is a need for Indian Businesses to integrate a structured western R&D model of Innovation along with the free-flowing Jugaad Model and create a dynamic balance between both approaches in their organizations. Jugaad Innovation represents Business Models that are inclusive and Sustainable. Jugaad is nothing but the day to day ability of ordinary Indians to solve problems under the condition of constraint, scarcity and to seize the opportunity!

Rather than dismissing jugaad as a “poor man approach to innovation”; Indian CEO’s should recognize Jugaad as a highly effective business tool that can be formalized and help companies innovate, faster, better and cheaper.

It is important to nurture free-spirited Jugaad mindset within an organization – unleashing and harnessing grassroots employee or consumer lead creativity.

Note: This blog is inspired from the book "Jugaad Innovation" : A must read for all who wish to step into innovation or begin their own start-up.

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