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Jugaadfunda Archiving through the traditional Gurukul System

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Jugaadfunda functions by mapping the processes and thoughts of the Gurukul system. Click to read how!

The Gurukul era was the era where the deserving population or generation was being developed.

A bold statement to make even after seeing so many advancements, developments and technological changes to the education system today!

Why do I then make this bold statement ? Well it is because of the lifestyle in that era.

The students used to stay with the Gurus until they acquired the required skills and knowledge. The Guru did not force the students to learn but was a role model for the students to follow. The guru tried to groom, shape and build upon the original character of the students and enhace his natural abilities. Hence the students were more deserving and had awareness about their key strengths and know the areas for improvement.

The education system today pushes the students in a biased direction. We are not creating a generation of thinkers, problem solvers or innovators but creating puppets. No one wants to be a puppet or hire one! The need is to have creative and innovative problem solvers who can fulfill, solve, and cater to the problems, needs and wants of the society.

Jugaadfunda is trying to do just that! Jugaadfunda aims to bring all the stakeholders of the society together and bring back the values and integrity of the Gurukul Era maintaining its positivism and worth. We need resources, and opportunities to gain from knowledge and experience sharing. Juggadfunda creates this opportunity for you. How much you gain depends on how much you share!

Do you agree that there should be a change in how education is delivered today? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!
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