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One big alliance

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

It looks like India's largest retail chain is looking for a major change & expansion.

Being dynamic is the need for growth. Reliance as a group has always been at it's best when it comes to having a competitive stiff & slowly creating a monopoly. Reliance, on the other side have the same intention to have a win-win situation over it's every business & every collaboration. Reliance has made it's way very clear with the pharma industry by giving a timeline till the year 2024 where we can have a clear company tackling all the segments & conquering the sector.

The recent catch :

Well, according to the latest announcement, Reliance Retail has bought a huge of 60% stake in pharma marketplace Netmeds’ parent firm Vitalic for about $83.2 million. This move has definitely given an edge to different areas whether it is the verticals related to expansion or any form of new employment.

Isha ambani, director of Reliance retail said to have a concrete vision in thw way where the digital market is constantly scaling up high! The trend of telemedicine & online pharmacy has made this possible to go with an edge & especially when your competitor is Amazon.

Amazon has created it's place all over the world, leaving no stones unturned & giving a cold war to Reliance in the possible domain present.

The latest announcement will lead to consumers getting access towards additional 70,000 prescription drugs for chronic and recurring ailments as well as certain enhanced lifestyle drugs which are required with a huge demand for curing illness.

The future Pharma :

The future of pharmaceutical industry is filled with a lot of potential & a lot of growth. The pandemic has made the necessity turned into an opportunity for every pharma shop keeper, dealer or any big firm to perform better as the need of medicines, hence the demand is ranged high now with time.

Every company with an inclination towards performing better has ranged a change of betterment in creating a space of innovation & performing best for the customers. Thus, with the same vision, Reliance also estimates the way on how it can capture the market, more than 84% in the year 2024-25.

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