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Parle-G's best sales - Know how!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

It is one name which brings back all the childhood memories & create an image of one of the most loved biscuit of all times. With the favorite beverage such as 'Chai' made it possible for this brand to be remembered as a happy moment in every snack time.

Making it the comfort food. Having successful campaign made this brand - 'A Brand'.

Is Parle-G still there?

Well, in the world full of cookies & other biscuits, yes Parle-G is still there. We can have a proper creation with

Parle-G from the last few years suffered losses due to the high competition & new attractive products of different types. The rising attraction of new products makes it more enhanced towards the decline.

However, the company still kept on becoming the largely manufacturing biscuit company by having its 'n' number of factories. Lockdown benefitting Parle-G - Recorded highest sales!

Covid crises has hit us hard & clearly the value of food, money & availability is something it taught. Similarly after realizing the need for food & specifically affordable food, made a huge difference. You must have seen a decline in sales of fancy or luxurious items & increase in the essential grain. Well, the biscuit brand, Parle-G brand reports to come under the ‘below-Rs100 per kg’ , and this segment is termed as the highly affordable/value category.

Similarly, it also holds the huge share as one-third of the total industry revenues. Being responsible for the major production or almost half of the production time, we can have it as the best food which has seen a hike now.

Sustainability continues for PARLE-G

From sending migrants back to their homes or providing the food in flood affected areas in the country, the food bucket always contain Parle-G alongside. The reason is simple, it's affordability & it's old connect make it desirable even at difficult times.

Have you ever saw any with highly low income buying chocolate cookies? No, that's not the marginal utility we are talking about.

Parle-G has more over understood the way again, it has to be in the upcoming years where the competition is so high. One USP which customer can tell about is Parle-G's art of being a savior because of its low & affordable price & it's good quantity.

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