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PepsiCo & Dunzo: An inning to Watch!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Updating yourself is the biggest trend to stay in the trend. During this pandemic we have witnessed every change in every sector. The time has made the biggest entrepreneurs to surrender and a budding to grow which all depends on its quick and adaptive thinking. We have seen the rise of many platforms such as zoom which has now created its very own lifestyle of communication. What’s new for the update?

Well, we have every update to keep you updated! The latest is one brilliant step taken by PepsiCo, where it has collaborated with one of the emerging on demand delivery platform ‘Dunzo’. The collaboration seeks to enable the opening of E-lays & E-Kurkure stores. Dunzo in partnership with PepsiCo will enable its services to be provided for Lays, Kurkure, Doritos& Quaker. The products can be availed by tapping the ‘Daily Grocery’ on the application of Dunzo. This will enable the customer to visit the store and order & get delivered. How are they avoiding risk during pandemic?

Well, we agree of many collaborations happening all around and we also agree the risk associated with person to person contact. The safety has been ensured by both the companies by enabling online payment as the only mode of payment. The state government of the same will be responsible for the timings of these stores adhering strictly to the guidelines. With all the hygienic precautions and safety measures, the demand can be created this way. “Collaboration with PepsiCo India will give users access to the products they love while maintaining the highest quality of safety standards in the packaging as well as the delivery of these essential products” says Kabeer Biswas, CEO & Co-Founder, Dunzo.

So where are we?

To all the hustlers and all the aspirants who carry the zest to be the best no matter what the circumstances are, there is a constant phenomenon which demands every entrepreneur or professional urging not to be constant.

PepsiCo, Dunzo and many, know how to create the opportunity. The products served by PepsiCo are loved by all and are one step away to be categorized as basic need. Let’s admit it; few of us can’t resist that Creamy flavour of lays, right?

Well here PepsiCo just earned few bonus points for itself by sorting out the way for people to deliver its product and Dunzo is one opportunity creator.

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