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The hustle you need

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

How often you use facebook?

Ever imagined yourself being an employee to this firm? Certainly, the more efficient & smartworking personnel they hire, equal effort they spend to retain them even in the tough circumstances, internal or external.

The practice of work from home which started as thr only option is now becoming a trend.

With more than a network of 45000+ employees, Facebook's vision for the year 2030 can prove to be a 'First mover advantage.'

The CEO of the firm with the monthly active users of 2.5 billion recently told through a live session that till the 2030, 50% of the employees of Facebook will be working from home.

Zuckerberg recalled this practice of becoming then a trend & now a habit which could create the comfort within an employee & this would save the extra cost incurred.

How the learning?

To all the aspirants for working in a corporate or dreaming to become an entrepreneur, it is important to have a conscious understanding of the people around you.

Engagement is not something to be runned by an HR only.

#nomeetingwednesdays or the vision of capturing the best talent in remote areas is the vision Zuckerberg sees.

If so many are operating from home then we also need someone to hustle through the headquarters or offices, probably senior executives. Every entrepreneur seeks a platform to showcase its talent & to present his/her product & he waits for this opportunity the whole life, the strong determination & investment in time, personnel are the pillars which stays so strong that any pandemic in this world cannot hold it down.

The circumstances make who you are & what you can be!

This generation & every generation should believe that every difficulty creates an opportunity but all it demands is you to think beyond the limits. The moment when we start thinking beyond the possibilities, either we learn or achieve success.

A vision & a practical approach is all one need to be successful.

Entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg proves that they don't hire for tasks, they hire till the company can perform the tasks.

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