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The Med-Tech chases high

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

A vision for making the pharmaceutical sector better, accessibility was something Dr. Dharmil Seth& Dhaval shah focused on. The concept of delivery of ‘n’ number of products was inspired by these ventures who are aiming at door to door delivery.The idea of why not delivering the medicines striked the mind and created the storm of focusing on customer satisfaction. PharmEasy focused on delivering the medicines to the customers within 6 hours. The precautions were maintained from having the prescription approved from the licensed pharmacist before the order is processed.

Was PharmEasy easy?

Well, it was clearly not. Like every start up the hurdles were there always. The focus was mainly towards getting the investors and lack of support from the bodies like regulators were the hindrances which were faced by Seth & Shah. Here the mind-set of a customer also plays an important role when we talk about communicating our product to them.

How was the trend created?

The trend was created by introducing the medicine delivery as a trusted and a point of urgency. The scarcity of meds available nearby often made people develop an urgency to order online and then the service and reliability of the firm made them loyal customers.After coming with the partnership of Brand capital, it got several chances to establish itself as a creator with intelligent marketing &creative service.

The focus was towards on dealing with the alternatives of every problem and PharmEasy easily grew and sustained.Pharmeasy being India’s no.1 health tech platform makes it easy for the young entrepreneurs to give an ace about this field as it has more scope in the future to grow.

We need more PharmEasy! Well, it’s never about a firm; it is about the enthusiasm which every mindful chaser should have. The success has enclosed them being in “Forbes 30 under 30”. Clearly there’s no going back for these two entrepreneurs.

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