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The Role of Mentoring in Leadership Development and Success

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

“Leaders, are they born or made? It’s a long standing debate. Today it is well known that although Nature (DNA) has a contribution in shaping a person it is largely the Nurture (Mentoring and mind conditioning) that plays a major part in shaping an individual. This article objective is to share some elements of leadership to be ignited in oneself to adapt to the dynamically changing world and more importantly to that of the changing demands at the work place and businesses.

1.Self-motivated leadership:

Self-Motivation is the key for leadership success. One can be aware about his/her emotions and also be able to regulate them very effectively. This would help him/her to achieve happiness, develop creativity and vision.

a. Personal Vision: Everyone needs to have a personal vision as to where one wants to see oneself say five or ten years down the line in professional career. This Vision has to be spelt out clearly and documented.

b. Develop Skill: While a vision gives a direction to one’s aspirations, developing skills for the vision serves as the toolkit for the success route. As you know, the method for developing skill is Learn-Practice-Learn. By repeated application of knowledge one can hone it to become skill. The most important skills are Communication Skill, Creative Thinking, and Decision Making etc.

c. Manage uncertainties: The journey of walking a path towards your vision is not a smooth path. It is filled with uncertainties, challenges and obstacles. One will encounter a number of difficulties/hurdles along the career path. It is important that one must not be taken aback and perseveres to stick to the path he/she has clearly decided by managing uncertainties.

2.Communication for Leaders

Communication skills for leaders involve putting across his/her observations and decisions to your peers / superiors / subordinates. The key elements of the effective communication skill are as follow

a. Listen more talk less: Listening is as important as speaking out what one thinks. Mindshift from “Talk less to Listen MORE” allows us to listen to people around us. It enables us to collect more data and then we will be in a better position to give our conclusion or decision based on fact.

b. Focus on Facts: Fact finding is the most important leadership skills that plays critical role in decision making. One needs to develop the skill to find the real facts and not influenced by the opinions of others.

c. Presentation: Presentation of the summary of our task or project is another useful skill. After we have collected data, we must present it effectively. A good skill is the ability to summaries the presentation in critical points /aspects and then expanding each with examples.

3.Followership: Follow before you lead

One of the key pillars of becoming a good leader is to be a good follower to start with. A good follower serves an important role of providing his experiences and feedback inputs while he is on the given job. Followership is about how well you can provide needed support to effectively deliver results as per the tasks assigned by the superior / managers/Leaders.

a. Trust in Leadership: When a person is part of a team and there is a team leader who is making required decisions, it is very important for everyone in the team to have complete trust in the team lead.

b. Feedback: Another highly critical trait of a good follower is that he provides fact-based feedback at right times. Every individual has certain on-job experience and skill. This makes him better suited to provide his insights about the job being assigned to avoid gap in the plan of the team-lead.

c. Perseverance to keep going: During execution of the project there could be unexpected hurdles difficulties. But a good follower does not get stuck and give up the task assigned. It is an appreciabl

e quality to report such issues but continue working on the main project without giving up.

Ashish Patil

Founder and Chief Mentor

Mind Shift Mentoring

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