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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Overcoming hinderance is something present only in the books. During this critical time & crisis due to Covid-19, we hear everyday employee lay offs, hiring personnel getting freezed & paycuts used for cost cutting.

Practical applicability of the concept of 'Risk management & Sustainability' have been seen these days by one of our market leaders.

Asian paints, one of the leading FMCG company is now no less than any "Marketing Guru"& a perfect example of "Risk management" during this pandemic.

Opposite to the demand of the product during these critical times, Asian paints is reducing risk to employees by keeping their every best personnel retained.

The time where every company is facing a downfall, asian paints is all set to come in the market with another product line, "Advanced Sanitizers."

The presence of mind is all an entrepreneur needs to be able to cope with every situation.

Ever thought of any company providing pay raise for boosting the morale of their employees?

Well, this market is performing the best during this crisis.

The most important stakeholder of a company 'an employee' is nothing less than any asset. The strategy of an effective risk management & getting the best productivity out of an employee is something every firm & every entrepreneur should look for.

Speaking more about the smart movers, according to business standard, berger paints, which is engaged in retail, decorative and industrial painting solutionshas seen 36.54% rise in consolidated net profit in the year 2020.

The time when other firmstrike hard to sustain, asian paints hikes by launching the creative products according to the demand of the scenario. Soon, asian paints will be launching its very own PPE kits ready to fight with this pandemic.

It's always one step ahead!

In a research done by CNBC- TV18, Asian paints is one amongst the top 20 companies who contribute 70% profit in India.

Asian paints is one of the leading &dominant company in the indian economy.

It is currently leading with the rate of 9.88%, recording one of the highest growth in salesand that is for a reason. It is very improtant to keep your employees engaged during the critical times. Asain paints has been the best so far!

Not only the product speaks, but it is also one of the best strategic partner to the paint industry as a whole.

For every industrialist or an budding entrepreneur, these are the times when one rather should look for an opportunity in every problem & win the market & people again.

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