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The course emphasizes the importance of assessing the technical feasibility, commercial viability, and business potential of innovative ideas can be instrumental in preparing students for entrepreneurial endeavors. Through lectures, case studies, workshops, and interactive discussions, students will learn key concepts such as market analysis, technology assessment, financial planning, and business model development. The course will also cover risk management, pitching techniques, and investor relations to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the idea acceleration process.


Understand the idea acceleration process and its importance in innovation. Conduct market analysis and assess market opportunities. Evaluate the technical feasibility of ideas and assess technology readiness. Develop financial plans and allocate resources effectively. Develop and refine business models for proposed ideas. Identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with idea acceleration. Pitch ideas effectively and build relationships with investors.

Idea Accelerator

  • Overview of the idea acceleration process, emphasizing the importance of assessing technical feasibility and commercial viability early in the innovation lifecycle.Conducting market research and analyzing market dynamics to assess the demand for the proposed solution.

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