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     The course and associated tests aim to equip students with essential skills in career planning, goal setting, and personal development through Skill Aptitude and Personal SWOT Analysis. By understanding skill assessment techniques and conducting personal SWOT analyses, students shall articulate clear career goals, develop personalized development plans, and enhance self-awareness. They shall also improve decision-making skills, ensuring they make informed choices about their academic and professional paths.

     Upon completion of the course, students shall demonstrate the ability to conduct comprehensive skill aptitude assessments and personal SWOT analyses. They shall articulate clear and achievable career goals, supported by evidence from their analyses.

Skill Aptitude and SWOT Analysis

  • This mindset shift shall help them avoid attributing success or failure solely to external factors such as institutions, placement agencies, parental or other external influence. Instead, they shall learn to leverage their strengths, address weaknesses, and seize opportunities to shape their desired career paths.

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