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      The "Soft Skills and Personality Development" course focuses on enhancing essential interpersonal skills and refining individual personalities. Covering communication, teamwork,leadership, and emotional intelligence, it equips learners with the tools to navigate diverse professional environments effectively.Through interactive cultivate self-awareness, confidence, and adaptability, empowering them to succeed in both personal and professional spheres with finesse and authenticity. The course considers learners response

from prerequisite courses to ensure personalized grooming of the learner.

     Enhance verbal and written communication abilities, including

active listening, clarity, and articulation.Develop effective interper

sonal relationships, empathy, conflict resolution, and assertiveness.

Soft Skill and Personality Development

  • The "Soft Skills and Personality Development" course yields tangible and measurable outcomes, including enhanced communication proficiency, improved teamwork dynamics, heightened leadership capabilities, and increased emotional

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