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Industry Connect, Problem Sharing and Solution Development (PSSD)

A Problem Well Stated is Half Solved.(Charles Kettering). If you can define the problem, solving becomes easy. The first phase of this module is all about capturing,articulating and documenting a real industry problem.
Every stakeholder has some benefits from this service. Some of these are stated below.

What are my benefits?

For Students

  • Build and strengthen professional confidence through experiential learning.

  • Inculcate intrapreneurial skill sets like interacting skills, adaptability, decision-making ability, team building.
    Explore industrial contacts, establish, and expand professional network.

  • Develop skills of capturing, articulating, and validating the industry problem statement.

  • Get familiar with various departments in industries/organizations and classify the problems based on domains and skills required to solve it.

  • Beginning of transforming yourself from answer provider to solution provider

  • Get access to personality radar chart mapped during ICP.
    Expert guidance from industry mentors

  • Work/contribute in live projects/internships to improve chances of employability

For Academia

  • Strengthen industry interactions.

  • Internship support for students with better career development opportunities.

  • Consultancy and joint research opportunity with industry for faculty and departments.

  • Improve Performance Ranking

For Industry

  • Crowdsource problems, need, challenges and access multiple innovative solutions.

  • Access pool of retainable human resource with interdisciplinary skills and proven record.

  • Connect with willing and deserving Institutes, universities and research labs.

For Mentors

  • Position as certified empanelled mentor & open door to additional revenue generation opportunities

  • Empower to Guide young minds and experience joy of giving

  • Access to Industry challenges and grab matching consultancies

  • Package knowledge into credit course as open elective for students and institutes

  • Strengthen Industry connect

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