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Mentored Learning Management System (MLMS)

Students can access various courses designed by our expert mentors covering a wide range of cutting age subjects. Live sessions allow the students to interact with mentors and get their queries resolved. This helps the students in experience building which is otherwise not a part of the education system. Mentors can manage their own personal and professional development program, and build their own personalized learning experiences. Every stakeholder has some benefits from this service. Some of these are stated below.

What are my benefits?

For Students

  • Enhancing skills and experience building through interaction with mentors.

  • Experiencial learning.

  • Personalized learning through self-paced programs.

  • Courses on Cutting age technology, directly adding value to get employment/internship.

  • Earn credit through open elective courses.

  • Networking with industry mentors.

For Academia

  • Capacity Building for faculty.

  • Launch cutting age technology courses in collaboration with industries

  • Upload the courses designed by Faculty.

  • Building courses in collaboration with industry.

  • Networking with industry mentors.

  • Improve Performance Ranking.

  • Access to open elective courses offered by Industry.

For Industry

  • Launch cutting age technology courses in collaboration with institutes

  • Skill enhancement (upskilling, reskilling) for employees.

For Mentors

  • Package knowledge into credit courses as open elective for students and institutes

  • Access learner statistics for the launched course.

  • Building courses in collaboration with industry or Institute.

  • Networking with other mentors

  • Access to courses designed by other mentors.

  • Upskilling, Reskilling opportunity.

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