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On-Demand Mentoring & Consultation (ODMC)

Mentorship is the influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor. A mentor is someone who shares his experience & influences the personal and professional growth of a mentee. May it be an individual seeking knowledge or a business house seeking guidance or advice, mentoring is the key to getting it. Our pool of mentors in varied domains is all set to guide you through your problem. The ODMC service module is beneficial to almost all the stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem.

What are my benefits?

For Students

  • Guidance is available for different domains.

  • Study online at your own pace and receive virtual personal coaching sessions to embed the learning.

  • No matter at which stage of your career you are, we provide the support and experience to take you to the next level.

  • Mentoring to convert your idea into a business venture.

  • Mentoring for your academic projects, and report writing.

For Academia

  • Faculty from your institute can offer consultancy to other stakeholders & startups.

For Industry

  • Access to a business mentor who could provide a solution to your problem besides being able to reduce the pool of difficulties.

  • Access to mentoring to learn the different nature of the market, the complexities of the business, the processes, and the novelty.

  • Experts from your industry can offer consultancy to other stakeholders.

  • Access to a pool of mentors who can offer consultancy to solve your industry problem.

For Mentors

  • Access to industries,institutes or pool of students to provide domain-specific guidance.

  • Connect with incubators for mentoring start-ups.

  • Access to Industry challenges and grab matching consultancies

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