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Business incubation is the process of supporting an idea (Product or Service) from an Innovator and enabling its transformation into a successful business venture. Networking with quality mentors, cost estimation, value proposition, making first prototype, product packaging, strategic partnerships for effective marketing and sale, raising funds, managing finance, accessing technology, protecting the intellectual property, branding, and analyzing competition, are some of the challenges faced by most of the entrepreneurs and start-ups. The program helps participants to go through the systematic incubation process and accelerates their journey from idea to market. They work on competitor analysis, branding, marketing, name-it frame-it, prototyping, and designing a minimum viable product(MVP).
May it be building a funnel of quality entrepreneurs, managing idea resonator, idea accelerator, or start-up acclerator, our tool and processes makes it easy to achieve your inbubation centers objective. Whats more is, we enable you to connect with key stake holders (Mentors and investors) through our innovation eco-system platform. Supporting you in fulfilling due-diligence along with entry and exit policies for your start-up is one of our strength.

Integrated Incubation Management Support (IIMS)

If you have a problem, you get access to multiple solution providers. If you are solution provider, find right problem that you can solve. Our platform offers efficient networking service between stakeholders through information exchange tool, empowering them in finding right fit partner for growth & monitory gains, who can contribute in solving their problems.

Problem Sharing and Solution Development (PSSD)

For today's smart learner, only knowledge & information is not enough. What is truly expected is,  knowledge, skill, experience and attitude. With support from our complete innovation ecosystem, we provide value addition to the learner. They can access experience-sharing sessions from our industry mentors and acquire skills. What's more,  they also can access real industry problems, and gain experience. Our unique evaluation mechanism enables them to reflect a positive attitude.

Mentored Learning Management System (MLMS)

Subscribe to our mentoring module, and get value for your money. May it be solving real industry problems or career guidance, may it be about domain expertise and subject knowledge or accessing the right mentors for consulting, this surely is the one-stop solution for you. We enable effective match-making between the mentor and the mentee. You can also choose to be a part of our special interest groups, meet the gurus and learn from their experiences.

On-Demand Mentoring & Consultation (ODMC)

May it be your infrastructure resource, human resource, or instrument/equipment resource. Someone somewhere is in need of it. Become part of our innovation ecosystem. It's an effort to combine barter and value modes of resource sharing. Equal opportunity for institutes, industry, incubators, and professionals to share and earn from idle resources.

Share and EncashMy Resources(SEMR)

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