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Join as Industry

My Growth Path

Step 1

Login Creation (Industry Registration - Free)
Initiate business elevation into next orbit. 
Solve your problems, Find consultants &  mentors, Save costs, Add value, and Increase profits!

Step 2 (Minimum 1 Week)

Diagnostic Intervention 
Define priorities and key challenges.
Update your profile & priorities for business growth.
Let us know what are your priority needs, problems and challenges. We have options to fulfill your needs and overcome the challenges. 

Step 3 (Minimum 2 Weeks) 

Problem Capturing and Digitisation
Access trained and willing young interns to support you.
(Correctly define, articulate and validate your problems. 
Get ready and post your challenge to be accessed by professional consultants, Academic researchers and young graduates, capable and willing to contribute in solving your problem.)

Step 4 (Minimum 4 Weeks) 

Trigger problem solving
Identify capable and willing solution providers.
(Access multiple solution options from willing solution providers.
Analyse responses and identify deserving and professional Consultants, Academic researchers and Young graduates, capable and willing to contribute in solving your problem.)

Step 5 (Minimum 6 Weeks) 

Accelerate solution development
Connect with deserving solution providers.
Engage with deserving solution providers in offline mode.
Identify multiple solution approaches,  engage in offline mode, and accelerate your solution development, fitting into your budget and time frame .

Step 6 (Minimum 6 Weeks) 

Share and Encash your resources.
Opportunity to generate revenue from idle resources.
Mobilize your intellectual, infrastructure and equipment resources.
Offer specialised skilling programs as open elective for institutes. Let your instruments, infrastructure generate additional revenue for you. Access other resources to save cost and time.  

Step 7 (Minimum 6 Weeks) 

Continue Innovation & Improvement
Identify new opportunities with improved efficiency.
Understand & adopt quickly to market needs and demands. Initiate new venture or expand existing.
Access new innovative technologies developed locally or globally. Connect with complementing innovation-eco-system stakeholders (Consultants, Investors, Incubators, Institute, Interns). Accelerate your growth path.
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