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Join as Incubator

What Does
Do for me?
(Value Proposition)

  • Policy, processes and tools for efficient incubation operations and innovation management, with multiple entry and exit options. (It’s more than setting up space, facility, and instruments. Its efficient planning and execution of complete incubation program).

  • Access pool of qualified and certified mentors. (Its more than connecting mentors Its having qualified and trained mentors on board who understand needs of start-ups)

  • Save cost on managing Cohort, Challenge competitions, hackathon. (Its more than effectively organising events. Its seamless integration with complete ideation to graduation process.)

  • Well-structured idea resonator, idea accelerator and startup accelerator program. (Its more than organising weekly get together, meetings and expert sessions. Its customising deliverables to meet needs of individual start-ups)

  • Support for preparing business plans, grants, and funding proposals. (Its more than preparing for application. Its building the foundation and success story to deserve it.)

  • Revenue-generating opportunities for self-sustainability. (It’s not merely to operate on grants and funds. Its becoming self-sufficient and achieve the sustainability)

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