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It is fact that on one side graduates are looking forward to deserving career opportunities, and other side industries are not getting skilled, retainable, and employable candidates with "solutions providing ability" for business growth.  Business Solutions Polyclinic Program (BSPP) is a concept developed by the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture (MACCIA) jointly with more than 7.0 lac of direct/indirect industry members. INNOeVERSITY (formerly Jugaadfunda Innovations LLP) shall empower the program execution through its innovation management software engine. This program is aimed at connecting different stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem. BSPP connects stakeholders namely Industry, Institute, Students, Faculty, Mentors, Consultants & Professionals. It enables every stakeholder to contribute and fetch benefits. BSPP is looking forward to empowering 7 Lakh plus industries and more than 1000 academic institutions and 2000+ mentors. BSPP objective is to empower the industry to access "multiple solution providers" by connecting them with independent professionals, Academia, and Young graduates from Maharashtra.

Click Here to know more about BSPP Program.

Click Here to access FAQ Section.

MACCIA being an apex chamber recognized for its upskilling programs for industries and institutes within Maharashtra, has already taken initiative in association with INNOEVERSITY, Pune. Continuing with this initiative, we are organizing the "Business Solution Polyclinic Conclave" in various cities in Maharashtra.

What I am supposed to do as an Intern / Partner?

1. Understand the objectives of the business solution polyclinic program.   (Click Here to know more about BSPP Program.)

2. Attend our guided mentoring sessions and learn skills to approach industry, Institute, and Mentors as solution providers.
3. Understand targets and goals to be achieved as interns to qualify with us as a revenue-sharing partner.
4. Prepare your plan and strategy to achieve the defined goals and target to onboard Industry, institute, and Mentors.
5. Execute, analyze, and refine your plan. Demonstrate your skills

6. Communicate your challenges with our mentor. Get guidance and refine your plan.

7. Promote, Deploy, and operate Maharashtra Chamber BSPP Program in your region. 

8. Gain experience, generate revenue, and Qualify for better career opportunities (Interns)

9. Grab additional self-employment revenue-generating opportunity (Partners)

What benefits i can fetch from this internship / partnership?

1. Network with industries, Gain experience, Generate revenue, and Qualify for better career opportunities.
2. Recommendation letter, Guidance, and Mentoring for networking with industries. (With Interns)

3. Revenue-sharing partnership agreement (With Partners)
3. On successful completion, access to the “Entrepreneurship (Overseas) free program” by Singapore Polytechnic.
4. Internship certification by the apex body of industries in Maharashtra (MACCIA)

5. Reimbursement of travel expenses after completion of first 3 months, only for candidates with satisfactory performance.

6. Best performing interns/partners get an offer to work as revenue sharing partners (1.5-10.0-20.0 Lac per Anum opportunity.

How it Works?

Step 1: Click on "Apply Now", and Submit the form.
Step 2: You will receive an invitation to attend our Zoom session to understand more details.
Step 3: Interested candidates shall receive an internship offer letter. (Partners with partnership agreement)
Step 4: We will open access to the self-paced industry induction program and industry connect program for you. (No Fees)

Step 5: Students completing the program successfully  (2 to 6 weeks) shall receive a recommendation letter to visit industries.

Step 6: Student completes the assignment with Industries, Institutes, and Mentors for 3 Months.

Step 7:Deserving and willing intern/partner gets an offer as revenue sharing partner (1.5-10.0-20.0 Lac per Anum opportunity.

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