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MiTEX 2023-2024

MiTEX is Maharashtra's largest trade fair bringing participants from driver Industries under one roof. It is one of the initiative to provide boost to the retail sector in the state of Maharashtra. More than 400 industry participants are registering for this trade fair. B2B meetings, conferences, seminars, new product launch, and Business Solution Polyclinic Program are the key highlights of the MiTEX. Under Business Solution Polyclinic Program initiative, special efforts are being done to bridge the gap between Industry, Institute, Mentors, Students, Investors and Incubators. 

Institutional benefits?

  1. Opportunity for improvement in performance ranking NAAC / NBA / ARIIA .

  2. Access to Internship opportunities for 30000 (Max. 50 Students per institute) students through the "Industry Connect Program".

  3. Access to the "Industry Induction Program" for your institute students.

  4. Opportunity to present and commercialize your innovation and projects with the industry.

  5. Get your institute nominated for "The Best Innovation Ready Institute Award from the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture and INNOEVERSITY.

  6. Interact with leading industry innovation heads and venture funds/investors to establish and boost the innovation eco-system on your campus.

  7. Broadcast your institute profile and Director / Principal / TPO interview under MACCIA BSPP Internet Radio Program.

  8. TPO / Principal of participating institute qualifies to access LEXICON by SpinOff certificate program from Singapore Polytechnic to qualify as "Certified Empanneled Mentors" under MACCIA Incubation Centre.

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